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Less is more. Less grit, water & energy. Less hassle. Less setup & cleanup. Less risk. Less shrouding. Less bulk. MORE EFFECTIVE CLEANING!
Easily, quickly & safetly remove soluble salts, ionically bonded microcontaminants, rust, microbial byproducts.
Protect & prevent. Stop corrosion from happening in and on metal surfaces.
Superior corrosion control & prevention extends infrastructure service life
Fuels & oils wreak havoc on other coatings but have no impact on next generation WirxGroup products
Keep textiles in pristine condition for longer. Strong, flexible water, microbial, oil & stain repellency coatings work on synthetic & natural fibers - even leather, paper & cheesecloth!
Keep concrete surfaces looking new and protect from damage in industrial environments. Save on maintenance & lower repair incidents..
Fouling release coating minimizes drag & maintenance without adding weight. Repels water, resists abrasion, chlorides, oils, fuels, microbes, organisms. Great for hulls & bilges.
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