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Surface Preparation for
Truly Clean Metal

OxNot products remove microscopic molecularly-bound contaminants which normal surface preparation leaves behind. This utterly unique approach doesn't temporarily reduce or mask corrosion cells, it fully decontaminates metal surfaces to remove rust, clean metal and eradicate ionically bonded corrosion triggers. Non-residual, coating-neutral formulation is easily inserted into existing maintenance and fabrication SOP. OxNot makes acid wash cleaning, dehumidification and reblasting steps redundant. Enjoy "surface prep to coating" in one continuous, time-saving step, even across large surfaces. OxNot's pioneering approach to surface preparation ensures coatings bond optimally and seamlessly to metal AND significantly improves the condition of metal surfaces for stronger, easier weldments.

Coatings are continuously at the mercy of attack by corrosion reactive sites that exist within metal surfaces. OxNot eliminates the elements that cause corrosion reactive sites, obliterating this key vulnerability.


Unlike film formers and inhibitors that attempt to maintain the visual appearance of "clean” steel by retarding flash rusting through the dilution or the insulation of surface contaminants and temporarily mask the failure mechanisms that cause coatings to fail, OxNot gets to the roots of corrosion, beyond visual clean, to fully decontaminate and vastly improve the condition of uncoated metal substrates prior to coating.

OxNot products do not soften, degrade, remove or otherwise affect intact old coatings and have no detrimental effect on existing galvanized, inorganic zinc coating or thermal spray metal coatings.


Revolutionizing Metal Surface Preparation

Green standard of surface prep does more than inhibit surface rust, it eradicates corrosion causing contaminants at the ionic level for improved coating adhesion and easier weldments. 

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