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Remove Paint & Coatings
Completely & Safely
(without sandblasting or gouging)

Bare Hull is an amazingly effective marine grade stripper that combines high performance with environmental consciousness: ZERO methyl chloride, NMK or heavy fumes. Bare Hull is formulated to be versatile and effective to better meet the challenges of the Marine Industry. Standard chemical strippers are toxic nightmares. Ineffective paint removers are a waste of time. Biodegradable Bare Hull Marine Paint & Coating Stripper gets the job done right. Bare Hull combines performance and safety, powering through high-performance marine coatings simply and completely, eliminating the hassle and headache and delivering reliable results.

5 Ways Bare Hull is Better:  

Clings tightly to vertical surfaces & under boat

Cuts multiple layers of coatings in 1 application

Remains wet for deep, complete stripping action

Does Not Require Neutralizing

Easily Strips Layers of Coatings

  Antifouling & Ablative ____ Varnish & Shellac
 Clear & Pigmented Paint ____ Epoxy ____ Polyurethane & Urethane

Down to the Bare Hull 

 Steel ____ Aluminum ____ Carbon Fiber ____ Wood ____ Fiberglass & Gel Coat

 made by Moon Chemical Products

Focused Solutions Improve Proceses

Intensely concentrated on industrial solutions for over 53 years, we develop and manufacture products that promote easy, reliable maintenance operations.

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