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Construction & Repair

Practical Applications


Metal Surface Prep

Construction, Maintenance and Repair: Metal surfaces must be properly prepared for painting and coating to ensure proper adhesion, performance & longevity. High-tech solutions beat the competition for effectiveness, practicality, economy, labor savings and convenience. 

Rebar & Steel Reinforcements

Prevention & Protection is Critical. Corrosion is a notorious destroyer of infrastructure integrity. Underfilm corrosion reactions in metal destroy rebar reinforcements from within and significantly contribute to rapid deterioration of surrounding concrete, while. exposure to Mother Nature attacks metal and steel exposed to the environment and moisture seepage through concrete. 

CLT Cross Laminated Timber

CLT is different from other wood. This engineered building material has a very low moisture content, but is slow drying if it gets wet. One of the most factors in successful CLT construction: keep it dry at all times. The laminate itself provides a very limited barrier, especially at timber ends. Long-lasting, superior coatings make all the difference.

Metal Buildings & Structures

Metal buildings, bridges and storage structures are a go-to for their versatility and economy.  However, improperly treated metal is vulnerable to corrosion from exposure to corrosion, oxidation, graffiti, animal wastes, weathering, fuels, salt fog and submersion leaves metal vulnerable during fabrication, transportation, construction and operation. 

Equipment & Machinery

Controls & Electronics

Undercarriage & Under Hood
Vehicular Equipment 

Lifting Equipment 


Interior: Residential/Commercial


Stairs, Railing & Trim


Food Prep Areas

Distribution Centers

Fleet Service Centers


Exterior: Residential/Commercial


Pipes & Culverts

Fencing & Gates

Decks & Patios

Vinyl Siding

Roofing & Chimney Flashing 


Solar Panels, Window & Skylights

Walkways, Brick & Stonework

Fountains & Artificial Ponds


Marine Construction

Exterior Paint & Markings

Submerged Areas 

Pilings & Bridges

Storage Shelters

Docks, Railings & Mooring Slips

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