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Store metal outdoors with no damage from abrasion, corrosion, solvents, oils or fuels
You fabrication yard should not be a rust factory

Fabrication Yard or Rust Factory?
Received Goods or Damaged Goods?
Parts Storage or Parts Graveyard?

Clean masonry surfaces without damaging them. 

Storage, transporation & production of metal require rust prevention

Store it until

you're ready for it.

ShieldWirx keeps

your surfaces in

pristine condition.

ShieldWirx protection system
  • Quick drying, durable clear coat

  • High performance in acidic, alkaline & chloride environments

  • 100% removal + unique, chemically-specific release trigger 

  • Won't impede interstage production, coating or mechanisms

  • Highly abrasion & solvent resistant, durable protection

  • Environmentally safe

  • Will not damage or remove underlying paints & coatings

other protectant "solutions"
  • Mess, toxic protectants harm the environment

  • Film formers & solvent-based hard films are hard to remove

  • Oily soft films attract dust, dirt & stains

  • Waxy protectants readily surrender adhesion

  • Less than 100% release interferes with finish & installation processes

  • Slow drying protectants impede fabrication

  • Exposure to abrasion, fuel, oi, or solvents causes peeling

Talon Helicopters, provider of specialty helicopter services for the film industry, was contracted to transform a helicopter into a tough-looking covert operations machine. Previous problems with sacrificial paint systems (including damage to the original paint, "makeovers" peeling off during the shoot, safety and compliance issues due to toxic chemical strippers, long dry times and high process costs) drove Talon to make the change to ShieldWirx hard polymer coating.

Pigment was added create the desired low-reflection satin black finish. The resulting "makeover" looked great and remained firmly adhered throughout grueling filming, despite repeated exposure to sand, dirt, abrasives, heat, oil, fuel spills and more. When shoot was completed, the chemical release trigger cleanly removed ShieldWirx with no fuss, muss or damage to the original finish.

Protect underlying paint & finish

Lights, Camera,ShieldWirx!

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