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Extremely Durable
High-Tech Protective Coatings

Ionyx coatings add high performance, comprehensive protection, extreme durability & longevity to a huge range of surfaces: from wood, concrete, stone, textiles, metal, and fiberglass to plastic, glass and more. 

Patented Ionyx technology was the result of painstaking research in nanotech and chemical science. Ionyx protective coatings form chemical bonds (a molecular matrix) with surfaces, filling nano-scale pits and voids for superior coverage over any profile and unparalleled resistance to moisture, corrosion, rust, salt spray, acid rain, UV damage, abrasion, oxidation, fuels, oils, wind drag, mold, mildew and more. 


$AVE: Thinner coats & fewer touchups: a little Ionyx goes a long way

$AVE:  Easy application and maintenance to save time and labor costs

$AVE:  Lasts longer; fewer re-applications saves time and money

$AVE:  Superior protection promotes extended structural integrity



Ionyx Molecular Technology avoids most common coating failures. Traditional coating methods are minimally effective and rely on adhesive bonds that bubble, then peel and flake.  Ionyx coatings take a technological leap forward. with Get no-flake, no-peel consistent coverage and protection that outlasts and outperforms. Apply using spray, roller, brush or dipping methods. Coatings wipe or rinse clean, without harsh chemicals. 

 made by Intuitive Coatings

Solving 21st Century Problems with Solid Surface Science.

Pioneering radical new chemical processing technologies and processes that result in vastly superior coatings alternatives.

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