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Superior suface preparation yields superior metal surfaces and superior coating performance

Shiny metal has no power to prevent corrosion.

OxNot Gel does.

Formulated for Dry Abrasive Blast processes, OxNot Gel ensures clinically clean (not merely cosmetically clean) metal substrates to promote drastic improvements in metal surface salt and sulfate decontamination, protective coating adhesion, and corrosion control.

OxNot Gel Surface Decontaminatio

END Heavy-Contamination Nightmares

Decontaminates metal &
stops flash rust after

Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning

  • Visible & Invisible Oxidization/Corrosion
  • Chlorides & Nitrates
  • Sulfates & Sulfides
  • Ionically Bonded Salts
  • MIC/SRB & Microbial By-Products
  • Chemical & Biological Contaminants
  • Adhesion-Interfering Compounds
Clean & passivate metal in minutes

The What

OxNot Gel lets you achieve the ultimate microscopic metal hygiene. Stops flash rust and prevents corrosion under coatings well into the future. Biodegradable OxNot is completely free of chemical toxins such as methyl chloride, chlorinated solvents, methanol, toluene & acetone.

Simple & direct method: apply, rinse & done. Spray metal assets or components with OxNot decontamination gel to destroy & disbond captured microcontaminants, then rinse contaminants for good with OxNot no-residue passifying rinse. OxNot creates optimally receptive surfaces that significantly improve adhesion to promote more consistent coating performance.

The How

The Result

OxNot Gel provides an unsurpassed surface cleanliness and eliminates the underlying causes of coatings failures, thereby reduces the number of failed inspections, reduces project time and costs, reduces asset downtime, increases worker and environmental safety, and saves asset owners money year over year.


Are You?

  1. Plagued by inspection failures or heavy contamination?

  2. Deadline-harried & falling behind due to project/weather delays?

  3. Struggling to manage variables?

  4. Stressed byunexpected/premature coating failures?

  5. Facing a corrosion & contamination crisis?

  6. Concerned about health & safety risks

  7. Unsure if surfaces are truly clean?

  8. Bogged down by expensive, duplicated & unnecessary steps?

  9. Swamped by process complication & product compatibility issues?

  10. Regularly juggling resources & scheduling?

  11. Playing catch-up with competitors?

  12. Disappointed with long-term results?

  13. Overextended and over budget with no end in sight?

  14. Worried about fines & demurrage fees?

  15. Hedged in by the soaring cost to repair/replace?

  16. Unable to reliably predict coating service life?

  17. "Kicking the can" of catastrophic failure down the road?

  18. Failing to see the "big picture" of corrosion control?

  19. Tired of complicated "Franken-procedures" that don't work?

  20. Sucked dry by the cost of materials, equipment & labor?

with OxNot

  1. Consistent 100% clean passes inspection first time, every time.

  2. Humidity-loving OxNot requires no dehumidification.

  3. Simple, effective process avoids or alleviates common varibles.

  4. Promotes strong, consistent coating bonds across surface & welds.

  5. Powers through corrosion, removes ionic & microbial contamination.

  6. Safer, eco-friendly product & process lowers HSE liabilities.

  7. Creates 100% metal surface hygiene at coating/substrate interface.

  8. One-step formula streamlines process; no added steps needed.

  9. Simplified process alleviates errors; great for all coating systems.

  10. Fast process & reliable success rate allows tighter scheduling.

  11. Complete more jobs - done right - in less time.

  12. Achieve success & certainty in short- and long-term asset protection.

  13. Improved reliability & predictability makes budgeting easier.

  14. Easy, fast & complete surface prep prevents delays & complications.

  15. Promotes max coating adhesion, resulting in much less maintenance.

  16. Coating life reaches potential when nothing interferes with adhesion.

  17. Ends catastrophic failures attributed to corrosion under coating.

  18. Removes all obstacles to the ultimate goal of surface prep.

  19. Simple, seamless, productive system streamlines procedures. 

  20. Slash materials, equipment & labor costs on every job.

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