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Green Products That Blow Away the Toxic Competition

ShieldWirx Removable Paint System

ShieldWirx removable paint saves metal fabrication and maintenance operations up to 30% savings over greasy, waxy and solvent-based removable corrosion deterrents through easy, no-fuss application, short cure times and reliable protection in harsh field environments. The unique release agent ensures ShieldWirx won’t come off until you’re ready to take it off. ShieldWirx fast-acting release agent ensures easy and complete removal with no waxy or filmy residue left behind.


LiftWirx Oil Stain Remover
Designed to be the ultimate green cleaner, it replaces toxic cleaners and solvents to in dealing with oil stains, LiftWirx cleans completely without harm to people, pets, fish, plants and property.

Save the Oceans Inc. offers a line of 21 highly unique products used across retail, commercial, construction, hardware, automotive, industrial, aviation and marine markets in around the world. The interesting fact is each of our eco-friendly and more sustainable products have so many secondary uses that when people discover how well they work, they start cleaning all sorts of other things. As a result, new ideas and markets keep coming up.


Save the Oceans is actively involved with numerous watershed groups throughout the world and promotes the urgent need to protect the streams, rivers and lakes in their community. Part of our training program is to inform retailers and their staff of the devastating effects of the thousands of minor oil leaks that find their way into local waterways.

work smarter. 

 made by Save the Oceans Inc.

Dedicated to preservation & renewal.

We benefit the ocean & planet by making environmentally responsible, superior quality products for home & industry.

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