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Win the Battle Against Corrosion

Practical Applications

Metal Surface Prep

Metal surfaces must be properly prepared for painting and coating to ensure proper adhesion, performance & longevity. High-tech solutions beat the competition for effectiveness, practicality, economy, labor savings and convenience. 

Concrete Reinforcement

Prevention & Protection is Critical. Corrosion is a notorious destroyer of infrastructure integrity. Underfilm corrosion reactions in metal destroy rebar reinforcements from within and significantly contribute to rapid deterioration of surrounding concrete, while. exposure to Mother Nature attacks metal and steel exposed to the environment and moisture seepage through concrete. 

Metal & Temporary Buildings

Portable Restrooms
Storage Structures
Tents & Barracks
Portable Structures

Weapons Systems & Equipment

Controls & Electronics

Metal Components & Parts
Munitions & Firearms

Drones, Circuitry & Controls
Electronics & Communications
Safety Equipment
Towers & Ladders
Indoor/Outdoor Parts Storage
Personal Gear

Vessels & Vehicles

Marine Vessels, Tanks & Facilities

Controls & Electronics

Metal Components & Parts
Heavy Equipment
Indoor/Outdoor Parts Storage

Armor & Weaponry


Interior & Exterior Surfaces
HVAC & Solar Panels
Food & Restroom Areas
Walkways & Railings
Vehicular Repair & 
Service Centers

Pumps & Generators

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