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Upgrade from Dinosaur Technologies


or Innovation?

Old Technologies Are Comforting, But They Can't Compete

Faster, more advanced, safer innovations solve process dilemmas and 

dramatically extend fixed asset service life economically, efficiently and consistently.


WirxGroup develops next generation  products that let you stay ahead of the game. Wirx Asset Preservation System components can be implemented as standalone solutions, used in concert with existing protocols or to create a whole new seamless, powerful system to guarantee quality, surface integrity and durability in challenging environments.

  • Equipment reliability and small operational footprint only begin to suggest the benefits of versatile, low-pressure, CleanerBlast wet abrasive vapor blasting technology. Significantly reduce the risk of injury to workers and surrounding structures, slash time devoted to non-core tasks (such as setup, media replenishment and disposal), and avoid the need for extensive or bulky PPE, hoses and work area shrouding. CleanerBlast uses 95% less water than hydroblasting and 90% less media than sandblasting. Low PSI dustless operation results in energy savings and substantially lower risk to workers, and also enables cleanerBlast use on delicate, thin substrates that traditional blasting technologies would destroy.

  • Bonded contaminants. that cannot be addressed by conventional surface preparation products and processes are the cause of undercoating corrosion and blistering that affect weldment success, coating adhesion, and lead to numerous coating failures over time.) Non film-forming OxNot systems stop flash rust and completely eradicate stubborn, ionically bonded microcontaminants and corrosion-generating interference materials to dramatically improve surface condition. Coating-neutral OxNot systems leave NOTHING to interfere with optimal substrate/coating bond strength and adhesion, regardless of the coating system. No reblasting, no inhibitors, no films.

  • Following decontamination with the OxNOt system, ShieldWirx removable paint is applied to protect and maintain the now pristine condition of the surfaces. Steel Skin removable paint resists abrasion, fuel, oil, salt spray and graffiti, readily solving a range of problems faced by industries including shipping, freight and container companies, metal fabricators, oil and gas operations, ship building and maintenance, and construction yards. When ready to apply permanent coating, a quick application of LiftWirx removable paint release, followed by a rinse removes all vestiges of Steel Skin removable paint. OxNot final rinse is quickly sprayed on to prepare the surface for permanent coating.

  • When the surface is dry, one of the extremely durable Ionyx nanotechnology coatings for metal is applied to the still-pristine surface to permanently protect the surface against a comprehensive list of commonly damaging elements. Ionyx comprises a wide range of quartz-based, water repellent and highly abrasion resistant coatings. These durable coatings are strong, not brittle (the coatings will not filiform beyond 1 mm beyond point of impact), and will not peel, flake or crack. Nanotechnology enables Ionyx coating to better cover erratic surface profiles and fills micro-voids to prevent intrusion of damaging elements and avoids adding the substantial weight or load to stress structures that heavy, thick coatings add. Preventing corrosion is Ionyx number one job, but the coatings are also resist damaging UV, graffiti, mold, mildew, moss, fuel, oil, chlorides, and a number of other chemicals.

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