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Durable Solutions to Industrial Problems

The safety and longevity of costly infrastructure building, new construction and maintenance projects directly depends on durability in a variety environmental factors. Failed processes & unreliable coating protection leave assets vulnerable to chlorides, weathering, acid rain, UV damage and more. Win more bids by offering a better option: reliable, comprehensive protection proven to extend service life while cutting time and costs. WirxGroup surface protection processes & systems consistently outperform the competition. 

Producing, refining, storing and transporting gas and petroleum can lead to sudden, unpredictable failure of equipment, pipelines and facilities due to extremely aggressive corrosion (caused by multiple factors). WirxGroup offers solutions proven in the field to optimize protection of expensive and vital fixed assets, extend service life, lower cost of ownership and reduce risk to health, safety and the environment.  Save time, cut costs, get infinitely more reliable results.

WirxGroup technologies increase efficiency by defending against efficiency-robbing cavitation and corrosion, preventing dust accumulation, moisture penetration, UV damage, etc. and improving surface texture for less energy loss. We offer extremely cross-linked materials that combine low surface energy, transparency, hardness, elasticity, and thermal stability that adds wide-ranging practical benefits to machinery, circuitry, and facilities across most surface types: glass, metal, wood, concrete, masonry, plastic, fiberglass, etc. Cut maintenance process time and costs up to 50%.

Corrosive elements solutes in water + highly abrasive elements = high corrosion environment. WirxGroup offers greener, leaner solutions for protecting safety equipment, storage, structures and hard-working machinery against corrosive elements for longer lowers maintenance costs across the industry, from extraction to distribution. Discover how much a little change can save your organization. Increase durability, decrease maintenance labor & materials costs. 

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