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Better Results, Increased Workshop/Yard Efficiency

Practical Applications

Though regularly engaging the issue of untimely corrosion in time-sensitive industries, metal fabrication and shipyards have had limited success in corrosion control. 

WirxGroup products change that outcome! Safe, effective and ecomical WirxGroup products and processes correct, control and eradicate corrosion from the inside out to prevent corrosion. Result? Consistent corrosion control success,  lower health & safety risks, lower environmental impact., lower labor & materials costs. 

MPM (Process Management)

CleanerBlast is highly portable wet abrasive vapor blast equipment that operates in a very small footprint. Minimizes health and safety hazards, lowers costs and efficiently removes rust & creates metal profiles. Also cleans a variety of other substrates materials in preparation for coating, repair, or  manufacturing processes. 

CleanWirx metal decontamination system and ShieldWirx removable paint system allow industry to truly "hold the flash", keeping surfaces in pristine condition in the interim between surface preparation and coating, eliminating the need for inhibitors, dehumidification, additional blasting or multiple pre-coating inspections.

Manufacturers use ShieldWirx on blasted, painted and coated components to keep them pristine throughout processing , distribution and transportation.

Creating Value

Humidity-loving CleanWirx Products allow quick, effective and continuous cleaning-to-coating for no-hassle, continuous surface maintenance and fabrication processes with fewer complications and less opportunity for human error & ambient contamination. Removal of under coating corrosion generators extends service life, lowers maintenance, and adds beneficial post-production value for customers while ensuring fabricators and factories cost-savings and attractive technological advantages.

Customers can store parts anywhere -  indoor or outdoor, up to 2-1/2 years, without worry of corrosion or damage from fuels, oils, UV, moisture or abrasion. ShieldWirx protects from corrosion, abrasion and more, throughout shipping and storage. Tough abrasion resistance, extreme weather resistance and max adhesion keeps ShieldWirx firmly in place until its unique release trigger (ShieldWirx Release) is applied. 100% no residue ShieldWirx paint removal means it comes off just as quickly and easily as it goes on.  

Offering Ionyx as in-house value-add or option is a win-win for shops and customers. Ionyx non-sacrificial coatings meet or exceed the performance of galvanized coatings in keeping exterior corrosion at bay. Ionyx outperforms zinc in terms of adhesion, scratch/abrasion resistance, animal enclosure safety, welding health & safety,  ease of application, longevity, comprehensive protection and uniform coverage (even over extreme profiles) with lower environmental impact and lighter weight/ less load on substrate structures.

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